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How our awards work ...

The TMP Business Award process begins with the all-important voting & marketing stage. Once you are nominated your customers can vote for you & we will provide a direct link for you to add to your website, social media pages & email to your customers so they can support you in your nomination. 

In addition to this, we will contact you to hold a telephone interview and discuss with you, your business, successes & achievements. Plus, any struggles you had to overcome & what has driven you to become successful. 

There are only two ways in which a nomination can be received:

  1. A firm or individual can self-nominate – if you believe only large corporates win awards think      again! Many SME Businesses have taken awards for innovation, customer service & excellence in business.
  2. A third party can nominate on your behalf – this could be a customer, an employee or a family member      who feels you should be considered for recognition of your business      success & achievements. 

At the point of nomination, we do not ask the individual filling in the form to disclose their full details – just a contact email address and the reason they believe you & your business should be nominated & why you should win! We have found that the response rate shoot up when the process remains anonymous and because of this, we calculate the total number of votes and pass this information to the judging panel. 

Unless a firm has self-nominated, we appreciate this may come as a surprise to the business owner. It is for this reason we offer you the opportunity to Accept or Decline the nomination. Should you choose to accept the nomination, your name will be added to the shortlist & you will have the opportunity to provide us with supplementary information using our tailor-made questionnaire. Should you wish to decline, we will remove your name from the running & you will not be contacted further about this opportunity. 

As with all our awards there is no cost in accepting a nomination, nor if you go on to win.  

County Nominations

Best in Business

The County nominations are open for the Best in Business award. Do you know a business that deserves to be nominated.

The first Best of Business award will be presented in March 2018 followed by the best of the best awards ceremony in Dec 2018 in Surrey.


New Business of the Year

The nominations for the New Business of the Year award is now open with the first award being made in March 2018. We are looking for the Best New Business in each industry sector, so if you know of an innovative, industrious, growing new business, no matter what sector please nominate them for a chance to win.


Awards Magazine

If you are lucky enough to be voted either the "Best in Business" or the "New Business of the Year" winners, you will be featured in our digital on line Best in Business award magazine.

Our first awards magazine will be produced and launched in March 2018, where you will see all of the winners in your County.


TMP Awards

Annual Awards Event

Talkology Media will be hosting their inaugural annual awards dinner at The H.G. Wells Event & Conference Centre, Woking, Surrey. All SME Best in Business and New Business of the Year award winners will be presented with thier awards and recognised in national press and magazine coverage. Nb: Customers and clients will be invited to register a supporting vote and a link will be sent to each nominated business to pass on to their customers.


New Business of the Year

 If you are a new company with an innovative edge and something to shout about, this could be your award. The Talkology New Business of the Year award recognises those that have exceeded their initial targets and already show a significance within the industry they are operating in.  Open to any UK organisation that began trading less than 3 years ago and who can demonstrate 

•     Consideration of customer and staff engagement
•    Effective leadership and vision
•    Ethical approach to business
•    Plans to sustain financial growth 

 Nb: Your customers will be invited to register a vote in your favour, a separate link will be issued after acceptance of nomination. 


SME Best In Business

Talkology Communications & Media Ltd are proud to be present the SME Best in Business Awards. 

The TMP business awards are open to all  SME businesses throughout the UK who can be recognised for exceeding customer expectations and for providing excellent customer service and business innovation. 

The TMP Best of Business award is open to any UK SME business, which has been trading for more than a year, this award is available via customer nominations only. The awards are rated and voted upon on a local level, a county level and the "Best of the Best" national level.

Nb: Your customers will be invited to register a vote in your favour, a separate link will be issued after acceptance of nomination.